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Anyone who sent enquiry to our company will have opportunities to win a lottery

Jun 12, 2019 Writer:HENTO

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The development of Hento company is inseparable from the supports of customers.Our company not only have strict quality-control system,but also have mature and considerate services. To let more customers to experience our good service,our company will hold lottery activity every year.These lottery activity will be usually held at the end of the year.We will register the email address of every customers in advance.When the lottery day come,we will use the certain software to randomly choose about tens of email address from the thousands of email address in our database.And we will divide these choosed email address to three levers,such as Meritorious Winner,Honorable Mention and Third-class Prize.The award may be one household appliances,cellphone,Chinese traditional gifts,money,ect.

There is one important point which I must remind you.If you want to participate this  lottery activity,please do give your valid email address to your sales representative.The lottery will be choosed by the email address,and the winning notification will be also sent to the customer by email.