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Wood wool machine is the production of high quality, wood wool fiber, wood powder, sawdust, a kind of special equipment, widely used in paper making, edible fungus, mechanism charcoal, shaving board, sawdust board, high density board, fiber board and other industrial production in the form a complete set of production equipment.

Wood wool machine can be wood, logs, rods, plates, scraps, branches, branch, bamboo, bamboo leather raw materials such as one-off filamentous products processed into wood, the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption and high productivity, good economic benefit, convenient use and maintenance, after crushing wood wool fiber is obvious, and the advantages of uniform discharge, the whole equipment in a motor drive, simple structure, compact layout, price cheap, stable work, less energy consumption, high output, very suitable for in bamboo, straw, corn stalks, sorghum stalk fiber stem shape materials such as chip, because wood wool machine are all-in-one, cover an area of an area small, also suitable for flow operation and is suitable for small and medium enterprises and self-employed business development.

Model HT-MSJ500
Feeding type Automatic feed
Capacity 500kg/day
Power 18.5kw
Feeding size 350*300mm
Knife No. 6pcs
Length of wool 50-350mm
Width of wool 2-5mm
Thickness of wool 0.2-0.5mm
Machine dimension 2700*1750*1800mm
Machine weight 2100kg



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