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1)Electric Automatic Wood Band Saw Machine is the linear cutting machine which has widen saw band, seven point five motor configuration.
2)The Electric Automatic Wood Band Saw Machine is divided into internal and external transmission two kinds.
3)The Mesa of the Electric Automatic Wood Band Saw Machine can tilt.
4)Sawing curf smooth, narrow road, save material. Curf strength, grain flow resistance by bending, torsion performance is strong, there will be no solid stable core shaft fracture by metal fatigue

Model HT-MJ345
Power 3KW
Saw wheel diameter 500mm
Saw wheel thickness 40mm
Saw wheel speed 700 r/min
Working table size 570*650mm
Maximum processing width 480mm
Saw blade perimeter 4050mm
Dimension 1000*780*1880mm
Weight 260kg



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