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Sawing the logs, stewing the logs and peeling the Bark are the
preprocessing for the wood segment. Below the procedure is the processing flow for producing the high quality ice cream sticks, magnum, wooden spoon and tongue depressor, etc.

1.Cut the logs from inner to outer in an spin layers into planks
2. Cut the spin good wood carved into a spatula, the shape of the ice cream bar.
3. Dry and polish the forming the spatula, ice cream bar
4. Grinding machine tool

Name Power(kw) Weight(kg) Outside dimension(m)
1.double segment rotary  cutting machine 11.25 2500 2.2*1.9*1.3
2.Carve the cutting machine 2.2 450 1.2*0.8*1.2
3.dry and polishing machine 11 1200 4.5*2.2*2.2
4.Whetting a knife machine 4 1000 2.3*1.0*1.15



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