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The machine has the advantage of high speed. Can play, wood planing wood, double machine.
HT-MB503 series of woodworking planer is widely used in sheet metal, furniture, buildings, vehicles, shipbuilding, decoration and other industries.

(1)the series of high precision, low noise, power saving, high efficiency, easy adjustment, long life.
(2)the structure is safe and reliable, easy to use and maintenance, reasonable price, stable operation, beautiful, generous.
(3)thickness of sheet size available, continuous operation.
(4)This machine is mainly used for the plane on the 4 parts of the wood products, surface planing, chamfer, line, straight edge etc. 

Model HT-MB503
Power 2.2kw
Bed dimension 1800*345mm
Size of guide plate 900*95mm
Max Cutting width 300mm
Max Cutting depth 4mm
Speed of mainshaft 6000r/min
Weight 320kg



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