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The implementation is suitable for blanking and punching, forming, bending, stretching and other cold stamping process.
It is widely used in electronic components, instruments, toys, hardware tools, vehicles, machinery, home machines and other industrial fields.

(1)The casting body, stable performance.
(2)C -type body, open tilt and work space, favorable stamping and scrap sliding down.
(3)The rigid rotating key clutch, simple structure.
(4)The band brake, convenient adjustment.
(5)The collapse type safety device, ensure the machine is not damaged by overload.
(6)The cross shaft, convenient maintenance.
(1) good versatility, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.
(2)an economic type punching machine. 

Model HT-JB23-16T
Power 1.5kw
Dynamic type electric
Layout forms vertical
Nominal pressure 160kn
The depth of the throat and mouth 230mm
Slide stroke 60mm
Die hole size handle 35φmm*mm
Weight 180kg



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